Feel like you’ve “tried everything” for your Headaches, Migraines or Pain with little relief? If you don’t know and understand the real, true cause of your headaches or pain, chances are, you may NEVER experience any significant, long-lasting relief, no matter what kind of treatment or therapy you try!

Since early 1993, Dr. Scott’s “Headache & Pain Relief at Last” has helped thousands finally live Headache & Pain Free, Healthy and Happy lives again by, first, helping you to identify with certainty the real, true cause of your symptoms. We can then customize a care plan, which much of the time includes different specialties all working together for YOUR benefit, to address the real cause once and for all! Doesn’t this make more sense than continuing to “try things out” hoping for results?

Headache & Pain Relief at Last is the only healthcare practice of ANY kind that specializes in a condition known as “Cervical Kyphosis (CK) with Spinal Distress, proven in decades of research to be one of the most common causes on ongoing headaches and closely linked to conditions such as TMJ Disorder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Sleep Apnea and Whiplash!

Let Dr. Scott and our team of experts at “Headache & Pain Relief at Last” help you Find & Fix the Real, True Cause of your headaches and pain once and for all!

Contact our Kansas City area office to schedule your complimentary 15-minute consultation with Dr. Scott today! Consultation appointments are limited each month, so please don’t let this potentially life-changing opportunity pass you by.

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Dr. Scott & Team

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