Accidents & Injuries

So, why do we focus so much on Accidents and Injuries here at Headache & Pain Relief at Last? Well, there are a couple of important reasons.

First, one of the four main components of whiplash type injuries is a condition known as “Cervical Kyphosis with Spinal Distress, or “CK”, which can result in headaches, concussion symptoms, neck and back pain as well as a high risk of future health problems if left unaddressed.

One of the biggest mistakes following an accident or injury is failure to get a proper check-up or evaluation as soon after the injury as possible! Symptoms following an injury don’t always occur immediately. Sometimes, symptoms do not appear until the next day or even days or weeks later! Getting a check-up and evaluation with a trained healthcare professional is absolutely critical

4 Components of Whiplash Injury:

  1. Strain or Tearing of the muscles and ligaments of the neck and back.
  2. Muscle spasm and tension that just doesn’t seem to ever resolve.
  3. Accompanying symptoms of Headaches or Arm Numbness or Tingling leading to weakness if it progresses.
  4. Loss or reversal of the normal, natural forward arc of the neck, or “CK”, with resulting muscle spasm and spine or spinal cord distress.