Back and Hip Pain

“Back and Hip Pain don’t simply “happen to us”. Many times there is a structural or biomechanical cause that can be identified with proper evaluation by a trained expert!” – Dr. Scott

You must first understand that Back and Hip Pain happen for a reason and if you don’t know the real cause, chances are you may never find any significant long-lasting relief no matter what kind of treatment or therapy you try!

Having problems with your back or hips increases your chances of having other spinal related disorders such as headaches, neck or shoulder tension and pain. Likewise, those with headaches, shoulder or neck issues have a significantly increased chance of having back or hip problems!

Our spines, our necks and backs, support our entire body throughout our lifetime. In addition, our spine protects the lifeline of our body, our spinal cord and nerves, which control every single function of the human body! Don’t risk your health and happiness by ignoring the cause of your Back or Hip Pain! You see, there’s really only one solution…

“Find & Fix the Real, True Cause!” – Dr. Scott