First, let me say that I’m honored that you’ve decided to spend a few minutes and check out our practice. I hope and trust that we’re able to provide some information that will be helpful for you in making your healthcare decisions!

Growing up as a child, I suffered with severe migraines. Missed school attendance, missed activities and constant visits to the doctor’s office and hospital were my everyday reality. Interestingly, each and every doctor or hospital that I visited “treated” my migraines, but were baffled, or just didn’t seem to care, about finding the real cause. When visiting yet another specialist in 1976, the doctor asked a question that I, and my Mother, had heard countless times before. “What are we here to fix?”, he asked. “He has terrible migraines” my Mother replied. “Yes, I see that on your chart.”, he said. “But, what are we here to fix?”, he asked once again. Yet again, my Mother replied, “His terrible migraines.” The doctor then said, “I’m afraid you’re not understanding what I’m asking. What is going on inside of his body that is resulting in his migraines that we need to fix?”, he said. Wow… Such a simple, yet very profound question. Not one single doctor, specialist or therapist had ever asked about the real cause of my migraines! That visit in 1976 not only shaped my life, but my practice career since early 1993. I’ve now been migraine-free, without any additional treatment or medication, since 1976! This is what I want for you and yours; to live a Headache & Pain Free, Healthy and Happy Life without restrictions!

I’ve been a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician since April of 1993, but if you think I’m simply going to recommend chiropractic treatment or therapy for your Headaches or Pain, you’re probably mistaken! You see, “If you don’t know the real, true cause of your headaches, migraines or pain, chances are, you may NEVER experience any significant, long-lasting relief no matter what kind of treatment or therapy you try!

This is why we use a revolutionary, multispecialty approach which allows us to look at your condition from a much broader perspective; from the perspective of multiple specialties all working together for YOUR benefit! Isn’t that how it should be? In addition, this allows us to customize a care plan to address the real, true cause of your symptoms once and for all which, much of the time, includes multiple specialties all working together for you!

You see, too many people are searching for a certain kind of doctor, or a certain kind of treatment, rather than searching for the real, true cause of their symptoms first. As you may know, it’s easy to find a doctor or therapist to “treat” or “manage” your symptoms, all the while continuing to ignore the real cause! – Dr. Scott

Meet the Founder:

Dr. Scott Chorny, DC, or “Dr. Scott” to most, a published author, researcher, renowned speaker, radio host, husband, father of six and grandfather and a passionate, caring doctor serving thousands since 1993.

  • Undergraduate Studies/PreMedical at MidAmerica Nazarene College, Olathe, KS and Park College, Parkville, MO
  • April 1993 Honors Graduate of Cleveland Chiropractic College of Kansas City, graduating near the top of his class
  • Married since February 1994, Father of 6 fabulous children and now a grandfather (what a blessing!)
  • Published Author of Research in peer-reviewed journal
  • Author of multiple books
  • Television Host of 30-minute healthcare related show in South Texas
  • Host of “Dr. Scott Can Help!” on
  • Former Company Dr. for major grocery store chain in TX
  • Renowned Speaker on topics of health and healing