What kind of a doctor is Dr. Scott?

Dr. Scott, to put it simply, is the kind of doctor that specializes in helping you pinpoint the real, true cause of your symptoms. Dr. Scott is NOT the kind of doctor that simply “treats” or “manages” your symptoms, all the while continuing to ignore the real cause!

Dr. Scott is a Board Certified Chiropractic Physician by training. The reason it’s so important to see a Chiropractic Doctor when suffering with Headaches or Pain is that some of the most common causes of these conditions originate in the spine, so it certainly makes sense to be evaluated by a spinal expert!

What kind of treatment or therapy do we specialize in?

This could be the best question you ask! Your treatment and therapy may not really matter until you first know the real, true cause of your symptoms. After helping you identify the real cause of your problems, we will customize and personalize a care plan that will usually include different specialties all working together for YOU!