Welcome to “Headache & Pain Relief at Last”!

You’re in for an amazing experience, unlike any other on the planet! If you were recommended to our practice by a friend, family member or your doctor, please pass along my sincere, heartfelt thanks! Thank you for your trust and confidence in our highly-trained team of experts. Expect the best! Although many people that visit us for the first time are referred by their doctor or therapist, we do not require a referral to schedule your visit in our office.

There are 2 ways in which you can receive your consultation and evaluation in our practice…

  1. In-Office Consultation:
    • Your consultation with Dr. Scott personally in our Greater Kansas City area headquarters will include:
    • Personal 15-minute consultation with Dr. Scott.
    • Review of your previous health history and medical records for the past two years.
    • Thorough, multispecialty evaluation including necessary neurological, orthopedic, musculoskeletal and physical examination procedures.
    • Recommendations for any other necessary examinations or diagnostic testing.
    • Customized RAP Sheet (Recommended Action Plan) with specific corrective care recommendations to address the real, true cause of your problems for good AND
      Personalized kit to take home containing your findings and honest recommendations.

    We have a limited number of consultation visits each month.  Your initial 15-minute consultation with Dr. Scott will be provided at absolutely no cost and without any obligation.  If we sincerely feel that you may be a candidate for further evaluation, and you desire to continue, there will be an examination and evaluation fee ranging from $99 to $299 and is payable at the time of your visit regardless of insurance status.  We can send this amount electronically to your insurance company so that any reimbursement owed to you can be processed.  Your health insurance can be billed for any future visits.  Additional recommendations based on your clinical findings will be discussed in detail prior to any other charges.

  2. Telephone or Skype Consultation:
    • Personal 20-30 minute consultation with Dr. Scott
    • Review and discussion of your previous health history and medical records for up to the past five years. (your records will be sent to our office in advance for review by Dr. Scott)
    • Recommendations for any necessary examination or diagnostic testing procedures
    • Personalized kit will be sent to you, including specific recommendations for your specific condition and circumstances, to guide you in the direction toward living Headache & Pain Free, Healthy and Happy again!
    • Customized RAP Sheet (Recommended Action Plan) included in your kit.

    The fee for this service ranges from $99 to $199 and is payable prior to your consultation regardless of insurance status.  Additional recommendations may also be made based on your consultation and clinical findings.  Specific fees will be discussed with you in advance.

Insurance and Payment Information:

Our office accepts virtually all insurance plans, even if we’re not listed on your plan! Our goal is to provide the absolute best care and most honest recommendations while keeping your out of pocket cost as low as possible!

Out of Town Guests:

We are located directly in the Heart of America in the Greater Kansas City area. This makes travel easy from anywhere in the United States! We are NOT in the middle of a wheat field and, no, I haven’t seen Dorothy or Toto lately! (Yes, we do get asked these questions frequently) Kansas City is a thriving metropolitan area of over 2 million people spread out over a relatively large area.

For those guests traveling to our Kansas City area office from out of town, a Relief at Last “Travel Guide” is available to you and can be sent via email upon your request. This guide provides simple information on air travel, lodging, food and entertainment here in the vibrant Heart of America, Kansas City!

If you have additional questions after reviewing your travel guide, please feel free to contact our office and ask for our travel coordinator. We’ll be glad to assist you in your travels in any way possible!