What We Do

“Headache & Pain Relief at Last” is a multispecialty healthcare practice. This means that we have an expansive network of medical and healthcare specialists all working together for YOU and, because of this, we are able to look at your condition from a much broader perspective! You see, much of the time there isn’t just one “magical” type of treatment or therapy alone that will address the real cause of your problems.

You must understand that Headaches and Pain Happen for a Reason! The Biggest Mistake that many people with ongoing headaches and pain make is that they search for a certain kind of doctor, or search for a certain kind of treatment or therapy, rather than first finding a specialist to help them identify the real, true cause of their symptoms! It certainly doesn’t make sense to continue to “try things out”, hoping for a long-lasting solution, without first knowing and understanding what you’re trying to fix in the first place!

Medical and scientific research for decades has continued to show that one of the most common, if not the most common, cause of ongoing headaches, that sometimes seem to continue to happen for “no apparent reason”, is a spinal malfunction or malformation. This can put undue pressure and strain on the spine and spinal cord! “Headache & Pain Relief at Last” is the ONLY healthcare practice of ANY KIND that specializes exclusively in the proper diagnosis and corrective care for headaches known as “cervicogenic headaches”, or headaches that originate from pressure or tension in the spine or spinal cord. One great concern is that these “cervicogenic headaches” have a very high incidence of causing spinal or nerve damage if left uncorrected!

Headache & Pain Relief at Last is also the exclusive home of the “Headache Relief at Last” Corrective Care Program. To put it quite simply, this revolutionary corrective care program, developed by Dr. Scott in 1993, has helped thousands just like you properly identify and address their “cervicogenic headaches” once and for all by using a proven, gentle system for reshaping spinal abnormalities and malformations that may be putting dangerous pressure on the spine or spinal cord. This multispecialty program involves gentle reshaping, stretching and strengthening of the affected spinal regions for proven, long-lasting results!

“It’s kinda like orthodontics for your spine, but without the uncomfortable braces!”

– Dr. Scott describing his “cervicogenic headache” corrective care program